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The Startup House.

A perfect place to live, work, socialize and get inspired.

​Connect with neighbors. Empower local entrepreneurs. Smart systems.

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Tailored to each community, building and neighborhood. For more inclusive, affordable and sustainable housing solutions.

Better with neighbors

We make it easier for you to connect and meet with your neighbors to help each other out and have fun! Need a hammer or a pinch of salt? Watch a game together or share a dinner? Stay up to date on events and gatherings!

Support your locals

Want to grab a lunch, or work in a flexible workspace? Enjoy benefits from local businesses and support your locals. We make services more affordable and easy accessible via our app.


We offer you the best services via the app, available within your neighborhood. You pay as you go, so no high upfront service fees. By reusing services within your neighborhood, we envision a ‘15 minute city’, creating a more sustainable world and offer you a more tailored living experience

“Moving around is fun, but it can be lonely at times. The Startup House is promises instant community, which is exactly what’s missing at the moment.”

Peter, 27

“Lots of services I to be offered, making it easy to get around!”

Anna, 34

“Being surrounded by other entrepreneurial people is very energizing. Working and living together brings co-working to a whole new level; now ideas can become reality.”

Luis, 29

“Shared living is a new luxury. I would like to have my own space, but I also like the idea that other people are nearby as well.”

Marta, 25

“I want to feel a sense of community, The Startup House offers exactly that. It has all the ingredients for a great living environment.”

Dennis, 30