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The Startup House.

A perfect place to live, work, socialize and get inspired.

Community experiences

The Startup House offers you community experiences that go beyond shared spaces and joint events. We provide you with genuine convenience, appealing design and meaningful community activities. Our members are like-minded people who share interests and feel at home in a vibrant living environment.


Co-living & co-working

Co-living and co-working areas form the heart of our community. These are places where members work, share ideas and host events. Where ideas flourish, creativity flows and entrepreneurship is enabled. Now that working from home is becoming the ‘new normal’, we have made it convenient and fun, doing away with mundane routine and loneliness.


As a member living in the Startup House, your living expenses can be much lower. Our design makes more efficient use of the square meters of a building. Also, we strike deals with third parties on behalf of all our members, allowing us to negotiate in bulk and reduce prices.


At the Startup House we aim to keep things as clear and simple for our members as possible, including the costs. We charge a single, intelligible, all-inclusive bill that covers all expenses, including rent, furnishing, services, utilities and community events.



Our innovative design thinking method for co-living and co-working aims to strike the perfect balance between private and communal spaces, optimising interaction and stimulating the exchange of ideas. Communities are best formed in smaller groups, so we created micro-community areas, that together form the community foundations of the Startup House.

“Having all the amenities on one bill is not only easy, it’s also cheaper than if I’d have to pay for them all on my own.”

Anna, 34

“Moving around is fun, but it can be lonely at times. The Startup House promises instant community, on a different level, which is exactly what’s missing at the moment.”

Peter, 27

“Shared living is a new luxury. I would like to have my own space, but I also like the idea that other people are nearby as well.”

Marta, 25

“Being surrounded by other entrepreneurial people is very energizing. Working and living together brings co-working to a whole new level; now ideas can become reality.”

Luis, 29

“I want to feel a sense of community, The Startup House offers exactly that. It has all the ingredients for a great living environment.”

Dennis, 30